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Plot Summary


           "Sigourney Weaver and
             Winon Ryder star in the
             final chapter of the most
             terrifying saga in science
             fiction history."
         "ALIEN Resurrection" is the final chapter of one of the most popular sagas in science fiction  history. It is dark, and in the corner of space, the military research vessel, 'USM Auriga', is about to resurrect the most vicious and dangerous creature in the universe. Ellen Ripley has been cloned back from the dead, as well as the 'alien' creature within her. Scientists aboard the 'USM Auriga' then take the 'alien' specimen out of Ripley for breeding in order to create new aloes and vaccines for possible cures of diseases. A group of mercenaries dock with the 'USM Auriga' and bring along with them a shipload of experimental hosts for the scientists research. After the breeding, the 'aliens' break out and cause havoc on the inhabitants of the 'USM Auriga'.
Please click here to see a visual representation of the 'ALIEN Resurrection' story-line.

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