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If you would like more pictures for this section please e-mail me and I will put more pictures up.


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                      USM AURIGA                                                    STANDING CREW:
      MEDICAL RESEARCH VESSEL                                          42 ENLISTED
       UNITED SYSTEMS MILITARY                                   7 SCIENCE OFFICERS

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Ripley has been resurrected, but unfortunately 'ALIEN Resurrection' didn't resurrect the 'ALIEN' franchise.

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The 'alien' species has been resurrected thanks to the miracle of cloning.


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After the scientists get their specimen, they just lock Ripley up in a dark room.


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Ripley is awake and very confused.


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     Dr. Gedimen is running some tests                             Ripley, now in a straightjacket,
     on Ripley when Dr. Wren walks in                              is being tested by other scientists
     and acts like a prick in front of                                    with flash cards.
     Ripley's face, only to piss her off to
     the point where she starts choking him.

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General Perez, Dr. Wren, and Dr. Gedimen   observe Ripley and then leave to walk down one of the corridors of the ship.


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General Perez, Dr. Wren, and Dr. Gedimen observe the 'queen' in her 'cage', and discuss the arrival of the 'cargo' for their "experiments".


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The 'queen' stares back at the pathetic humans watching her.


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The camera nicely pans around her head to reveal her massive size.


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Ripley and Dr. Gedimen are at a dining table eating when Ripley starts to query the scientist. Wren later comes in and acts like a prick.


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       Elgyn and Christie                                    Call                                            Johner

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The 'Betty' makes contact with 'USM Auriga' and prepares to dock.


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The 'Betty' docks with the 'Auriga'.


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The crew of the 'Betty' enters the Auriga, and they are greeted by the ships computer nicknamed-'father'.


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The crew of the 'Betty' is searched by soldiers upon entry.


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General Perez gives Elgyn the crew's pay for bringing the 'cargo', and shows his kindness by giving a glass of whiskey and letting Elgyn's crew stay and rest up for a few days.


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Call and Christie deliver the 'cargo' to the scientists.


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The scientists prepare their experiments.


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The scientists patiently observe the first cycle of the 'alien'-"impregnation".


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The crew of the 'Betty' runs in to Ripley in the recreation room and ends up getting a little aggressive.


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Call watches somewhat stunned when the scientists call Ripley.


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Ripely's blood. A true sign that she is not 100% human.


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Johner, Call, and Christie relax and drink.


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Dr. Gedimen starts his observations on the newly born 'aliens'.


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Dr. Gedimen gets to close to the 'alien' and the 'alien' snaps which leads to punishment.


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Call searches for Ripley.


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Call meets Ripley and we discover her true intentions.


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Wren: "I think you're going to find out that this was very ill-advised!"


a4_christie1byme.gif (199857 bytes)

Here is a nice animation I made of Chritie's guns.



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The crew of the 'Betty' is about to be executed when they reveal their hidden weapons and strike back.


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The 'aliens' decide to team up and kill the other 'alien' so that the acid will give them an escape path.


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Dr. Gedimen goes over to see the hole and he gets grabbed by an 'alien'.


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An 'alien' pushes the nice button and kills an unaware soldier.


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An 'alien' makes his way into one of the escape shuttles and kills everyone in it. General Perez sees this and throws a grenade into the shuttle. He is then killed by an 'alien' from behind him.
(nice animated sequence of the grenade!)

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Elgyn wanders off from the group only to meet his demise.


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Ripley comes to the crew's rescue and kills the 'alien'.


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The group runs into Vriess.


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Ripley discovers the door, "1-7", and looks at her arm to see the number 8. She then decides to enter and see what is inside.


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Inside are all of the failed clones before her. Ripley very frustrated and sad torches the room.


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The group finds the room where the 'aliens' were to be born. They also discover a frightened Purvis.


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The group has to swim underwater a great deal of yards.


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When underwater, the group encounters some more 'aliens'. Johner fires at them.


a4_78.jpg (7662 bytes)

He kills one of them, but the other got Hillard.


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Ripley watches the 'alien' drag Hillard into a dark corner.


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This is what awaits the group when they come out of the water.


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The 'alien' watches as Call floats to the bottom after being shot by the prick, Wren.


 a4_83.jpg (5749 bytes)                            a4_84.jpg (9092 bytes)

The 'alien' leaps out of the water and climbs up the ladder.


a4_85.jpg (6274 bytes)

The 'alien' spits acid into Christie's face.



a4_86.jpg (7855 bytes)                            a4_87.jpg (7855 bytes)

Johner saves Christie and Vriess from the 'alien', but Vriess can't hold on too much longer, so Christie cuts himself loose and drops to the water below saving his friend.


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              Johner befriends a spider.                                Astonishingly enough Call opens                                                                                                   the door for the group.

a4_90.jpg (6017 bytes)                            a4_91.jpg (5757 bytes)

          The group discovers that Call                               Call clears a path for the group
                       is an android.                                              to get to the 'Betty', and sets a                                                                                             course for the 'Auriga' to  crash
                                                                                          into Earth.

a4_92.jpg (5530 bytes)                            a4_93.jpg (5443 bytes)

                Purvis has a false alarm.                               The group discovers that they are                                                                                                             near the nest.

                           a4_95.jpg (5622 bytes)

Ripley falls below only to be rescued by an 'alien' and taken to the nest.


a4_96.jpg (5626 bytes)

The 'Auriga' approaches Earth.


a4_97.jpg (5999 bytes)                            a4_98.jpg (6200 bytes)

      Wren awaits the group and takes                             Purvis comes to the rescue only to
                  Call as a hostage.                                           be killed and kill Wren by the
                                                                                          'alien' inside him.

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The scientists are cocooned in the nest.


a4_100.jpg (7590 bytes)

Ripley watches as the 'queen' gives birth.


a4_101.jpg (9659 bytes)

The 'queen' kindly says hello to her 'baby', and then is killed by it.


a4_102.jpg (6245 bytes)                            a4_103.jpg (6750 bytes)

The strange 'newborn' says hello and shows his affection to what he thinks is his real mother. He later goes over and kills Dr. Gedimen, which gives Ripley some time to escape.


a4_104.jpg (5605 bytes)                           

The group sees Ripley on the screen and opens the door for Ripley to jump into the ship.
(a mighty big leap if you ask me.)

a4_106.jpg (6980 bytes)

Call finds the 'newborn' in the ship. The 'newborn' closes the door.


a4_107.jpg (9345 bytes)

The 'Betty' escapes the 'Auriga' right before it crashes into Earth.


a4_108.jpg (7397 bytes)                            a4_109.jpg (6282 bytes)

Ripley confronts her so called 'baby', and...


a4_110.jpg (6254 bytes)

...kills him.


        a4_112.jpg (11701 bytes)

The 'Auriga' crashes into Earth.


a4_113.jpg (5965 bytes)

The beauty of the sunlight on the clouds is seen through the window where the 'newborn' was killed.


a4_114.jpg (11743 bytes)

Ripley (to Call): "Well, you did it. You saved the Earth."
Call: "I never thought it would be this beautiful. What happens now?"
Ripley: "I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself."

Remember I worked very hard capturing these pictures, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-