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If you would like more pictures for this section please e-mail me and I will put more pictures up.

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The 'Sulaco' and its inhabitants are drifting through space.


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          (Everyone wonders how this got on board)                                 The facehugger emerges...


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                ...and finds its first victim.                            When breaking through Newt's                                                                                         cryo-tube, the facehugger gets cut,                                                                                         and spills some acid...


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                 The acid causes the                                       "Stasis interrupted, Fire in
                 smoke detector to go off...                               cryo-genic compartment."-ship

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The fire causes the 'Sulaco' to eject the cryo-tubes into the
                                                Emergency Escape Vehicle. (EEV)

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The EEV automatically auto-pilots to the nearest planet, which in this case
                                            is Fiorina 161. (a.k.a. "Fury 161")

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The EEV crash lands in the water on 'Fury 161'.


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   "One of them's still alive!"-Frank


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         Lt. Ellen Ripley             SURVIVOR                Unidentified Female              DEAD


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         Cpl. Dwayne Hicks                 DEAD                Bishop 341-B            NEGATIVE


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The inmates take the EEV in before the days end...


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"This is rumor control, here are the facts."-Andrews


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          Dillon 'states' the inmates opinions.                            Clemens discusses
                                                                                   Ripley's medical stasis.


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Clemens prepares to give Ripley an 'eye-opener'.


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Ripley discovers the burn on Newt's cryo-tube.


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"What kind of animal would do this to a dog?"-Murphy


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Clemens performs an autopsy on Newt.


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   "Why?...Why are the innocent punished?...Why the sacrifice?...Why the pain?...
        There aren't any promises...Nothing's certain...Only that some get called...Some get                   saved...She won't ever know of the hardship and grief for those of us left                          behind...We commit these bodies to the void...With a glad heart..."

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..."For within each seed there is a promise of a flower...And within each death no matter how small, there's always a new life...A new beginning..."-Dillon's sermon


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  Ripley enters the cafeteria, and the stunned inmates watch closely.


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     Murphy discovers something while cleaning in the vent shaft area.


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Ripley finds what is left of Bishop.


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Some of the prisoners try to rape Ripley, when...


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                           ...Dillon runs in and beats the shit out the inmates with a pipe!
                                    "I gotta re-educate some of the brothers."-Dillon                     


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The 'alien' attacks Boggs and Rains.


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Golic was found near the dead bodies of Boggs and Rains, so the others suspect him of being the murderer and they put him in a straight-jacket in the infirmary.


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After the 'alien' kills Clemens, he walks over to Ripley to say 'hi'.


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Andrews is discussing the deaths of the other inmates when the 'alien' pulls him up in the vent shaft and kills him.


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Ripley and '85' look over a map of the complex to
discuss a way in which they can trap the 'alien'.


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The toxic waste disposal unit that the inmates plan to trap the 'alien' in.


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The 'alien' foils the inmates plans of capturing him.


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The flare...


 a3_51.jpg (7450 bytes)

...The flame


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  Ripley has a bad feeling...


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...and boy she was right.


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The 'Company' always has a hidden agenda.


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"If it won't kill you then maybe that helps us fight it."-Dillon


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The inmates gather to discuss what they will do next.


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"You're all gonna die...The only question is how you check out...Do you want it on your feet?!...Or on your fucking knees begging?!...Well I ain't much for begging!...Nobody ever gave me nothing!...So I say fuck that thing!...Lets fight it!"-Dillon 


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The chase has started.


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The 'Company' is on there way.


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The 'alien' is getting pissed.


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To bad for this nice fellow.


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The 'Company' has arrived.


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The 'alien' is looking at his prey.


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The 'Company' has now entered the complex armed to the teeth with scientists and all.


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"Morse, shut that door! Shut the fucking door Morse!"-Dillon


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The 'Company' is making their way to the piston.


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"I am telling you I want to die!"-Ripley
"We had a deal remember! It dies first then you! I am not
gonna move without you!"-Dillon  

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Hot lead and water make a lethal combination.


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Finally the Bio-Weapons is revealed, and with them a familiar face. They try to persuade Ripley into letting them take the beast out of them, but Ripley strongly disbelieves them.


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Morse is the only last survivor of the 'alien' encounter on 'Fury 161'.


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Remember I worked very hard capturing these pictures, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-