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Cut Scenes

              There were many scenes that were cut from the final release of the film. Many as in more cut-scenes than 'aliens'. There was just about a little over 20 minutes cut from the final release of the film and many people do not know this.

        The only version of the film available that has these scenes is the work print. For those of you that don't know, the work print is the version right before the movie got its finished special effects and musical score. This version of the film has terrible picture quality and it is extremely dark, so I apologize for the poor quality of most of these pictures. Believe it or not some of these are shown on the various 'alien 3' trailers. I have all the cut-scenes in audio format, and if I get enough requests I will put them up. Every 15 minutes or so this logo (pictured below pops up and there is a beep)

a3_cutnooneelsehasbutme3.jpg (4665 bytes)

Some of these scenes could have been left out, but there were many that should have been left in. I will scan some good quality pictures of many cut-scenes when I can get around to a scanner. Let me know what you think. Anyway, read and enjoy!


a3_cut_01.jpg (3398 bytes) 
**The intro opens as a Phoenix Company/Gordan Carroll Production instead of a Brandywine Production as shown in the theatrical release.**


**The Sulaco's computer says a bit of a longer message than what we heard in the theatrical release.**

Computer: Stasis interrupted, fire in cryo-genic compartment. Repeat, fire in cryo-genic compartment. All personnel report to emergency escape vehicle launch of deep space lifeboat will commence in t minus 20 seconds.
[24 seconds]


a3_cut_00.jpg (4909 bytes)

**There is an added shot of Ripley up close in her cryo-tube, right before the cryo-tube                                                         falls into the EEV.**
(This is a picture of the crew filming this scene, which of course was eventually cut.)
                                                             [20 seconds]


a3_cutclemensonshore.jpg (3497 bytes) a3_cutnooneelsehasbutme2.jpg (7449 bytes) a3_cutclemensrunningintothecomplex.jpg (3453 bytes) a3_cutriponshore.jpg (5779 bytes)

**Clemens is seen walking along the shore of 'Fury 161' when he sees the EEV crash land in the water. He runs over to it grabs Ripley and rushes her into the complex.**
       (Some of these scenes are from the 'alien 3' card series, one is a behind the scenes picture,                      and some of the others were captured from the various trailers.)
                                       [around 1 minute altogether]


**As Ripley and Clemens are walking to the wreck of the EEV, Clemens tells Ripley...**
Clemens: This used to be a 1000 convict facility, but we have reduced to a custodial staff of 25.
(in the theatrical release Clemens says that it was a 5,000 convict facility.)
                                                            [around 6 seconds]


a3_cut_03.jpg (3398 bytes)

**There is an added sequence of Ripley and Clemens walking down the stairs and briefly talking before entering the morgue...**

Clemens: Is there any particular reason why you are being so insistent?
Ripley: Yes, I have to be sure how she died.
Clemens: Look, I hate to be repetitious about such a sensitive subject, but it is perfectly clear that she drowned.
Clemens: Was she your daughter?
Ripley: No she wasn't.
[20 seconds]


a3_cut_04a.jpg (3553 bytes)                            a3_cut_04b.jpg (4344 bytes) 

a3_cut_04c.jpg (3208 bytes)

**Before Ripley enters the cafeteria after showering, Boggs and Rains are complaining about Golic. Dillon then walks over and 'straightens' them out...**

Rains: "I'm telling ya somebody's gotta do something about or me.
(Dillon then walks over to their table and sits down in front of them.)
Dillon: "Okay. There's alot of talk going around that we got some disharmony here? You guys wanna tell me what the problem is? Hey, come on, speak to me.
Rains: "Alright, I'll tell you. I don't mind the dark. I don't mind the bugs. I don't mind wondering around in some cold, damp tunnel for a week at a time. I don't mind anything, but I mind Golic.
Dillon (to Boggs): "Is that the way you feel about it?"
Boggs: "Yeah. The guy's crazy and he smells bad."
(Rains laughs)
Boggs: "I ain't going out with him anymore."
Dillon (to Golic): "Do you got anything to say for yourself?"
(Golic just smiles)
Dillon: "Well, he's going with you. Golic is just another poor miserable suffering son of a bitch, like you and me."
Rains: "Except he smells worse."
Boggs: "And he's crazy."
Dillon: "Knock off THE SHIT! You got a job to do. I don't want to hear another word about Golic. Okay? O.K. ?
                                              [1 minute, 34 seconds]


**In the vent shafts, Murphy sings along to a different song and not the theatrical release of 'In the year 2525'...**


a3_cutnooneelsehasbutme.jpg (7499 bytes)    a3_cut_05.jpg (3060 bytes) 

                (This is the scene being filmed,
             which was later cut.)

**Before Boggs, Rains, and Golic head out into the vent shafts to light candles, Dillon tells Golic to light a candle for Murphy...**

Dillon: "Golic, you light a candle for Murphy will you."
Golic: "I'll light a thousand."
Golic: "Into the dark, a new machine, company store. (I have no clue what this means.)...What are you looking for? Underwear, cigarettes, deodorant?
Rains: "Deodorant? That's a good idea."
  [24 seconds]


a3_cut_06.jpg (3235 bytes)

**After Andrews line, "Now. Is there anything I should no?" There is additional dialogue between them...**

Clemens: About what?
Andrews: About the woman! Don't play with me Mr. Clemens, you spend every second you can with her, and I have my suspicions that not all of your concerns with her are medical. Has she said anything to you? Anything about where she's from, what her mission is? What the hell she was doing in an EEV?
Clemens: She told me she was part of a combat unit that came to grief. Beyond that, I assume it's all classified. I haven't pressed her for more.
Andrews: That's all?
Clemens: That's all.
Andrews: You sure?
Clemens: Yes.
Andrews: Nothing more?
Clemens: No.
Andrews: Get out of here.
  [46 seconds]


a3_cut_07a.jpg (3425 bytes)                            a3_cut_07b.jpg (4759 bytes) 

a3_cut_07c.jpg (4216 bytes)                            a3_cut_07d.jpg (4459 bytes) 

a3_cut_07e.jpg (4817 bytes)

When Ripley is patching up Bishop in the infirmary, there is a sequence of five shots mixed with the theatrical release in which Golic is sitting in the cafeteria soaked in blood and eating. A prisoner (Eric, I think.) walks in carrying a bunch of plates and notices him. Golic then turns around and smiles. The prisoner drops the plates. Next we see Andrews, Clemens, Dillon, and 85 creeping up behind him. They grab him, put him in a straightjacket, and bring him into the infirmary. (this is where it cuts back to the theatrical release)
[about 1 minute altogether]

**After Ripley is escorted back to the infirmary and talking to Clemens, there is an announcement by 85 on the intercom saying that Superintendent Andrews wants a meeting...**

85: "Lets all report to the mess hall. Superintendent Andrews wants a meeting. Lets all go right away gang."
[6 seconds]


a3_cut_08.jpg (3651 bytes)

**Right before Clemens tells Ripley about his past, Golic says a few words.**
Golic: "In an insane world, a sane man must appear...insane."
Clemens: "That's very profound Golic, thank you."
[13 seconds]


a3_cut_09.jpg (4216 bytes)

**Right after the 'alien' hauls Clemens up into the vent shaft and we see Ripley about to leave, and Golic (seeming a bit more calm now) says a few words.**

Golic: "Magnificent...magnificent"
[3 seconds]


a3_cut_10.jpg (4301 bytes)

**During Andrews briefing to the prisoners in the cafeteria, he adds a few lines.**

Andrews: "At 1400 hours, prisoners Boggs, Rains, and Golic, left on a routing foraging mission into the underground network."
[8 seconds]


a3_cut_11.jpg (3931 bytes)

**After Morse says, "Why don't we take her head and shove it through the fucking wall!" Ripley replies.**

Ripley: "Sounds good to me."
[2 seconds]


                                         a3_cut_12a.jpg (4036 bytes)

**During the fire, Ripley and Dillon are seen helping some of the prisoners.**

Dillon: Come on, lets go, MOVE! Move it, we gotta get out of here. Come, lets go. Move it. Move it, come on. Lets go, come on, move it. Dammit, lets go. MOVE!
(there are many seconds of the prisoners screaming)
Ripley (talking to a frightened prisoner): Its alright, its alright, your gonna be alright. We've got you. (the prisoner is still
Dillon: Junior, Junior get to the sprinklers and turn em on.
Ripley: Get em outta of here! Come on. We've gotta get him out of here...
                                                                  [1 minute]


a3_cut_12b.jpg (3288 bytes)                            a3_cut_12c.jpg (3288 bytes)

For a MUCH larger and clearer picture of the second picture, click here. Thanks Nathan!

**As Junior goes to turn the sprinklers on, one of the prisoners notices the 'alien' crawling off the wall. Junior then leads it into the waste tank.**

Kevin: Junior! Behind you!
(the prisoners gather behind the alien)
a3_cut_12d-a.jpg (7351 bytes)
This picture was scanned from an Japanese souvenir booklet.

Ripley (to the 'alien' so she can distract it away from Junior ): Come on! Come on!
(part of this can be seen on one of the 'Alien 3' trailers.)
Junior: Come and get me fucker!
a3_cut.jpg (4471 bytes)
This picture was captured from one of the 'Alien 3' trailers. There is another picture on one of the 'Alien 3' trading cards that I will scan shortly, but in the meantime visit Nathan's page to see the picture.

(Junior leads the 'alien' into the piston, and Dillon and Ripley run behind him and close the door.
Junior Screams like hell.)

a3_cut_12e.jpg (4199 bytes)

(After a while, the 'alien' starts to make noise, and Dillon, who is listening to the moans from the door, yells "ah shit!" then goes and turns on the sprinklers on. It then cuts back to the theatrical release for a few moments.)
                                                           [1 minute 12 seconds]


a3_cut_13.jpg (3411 bytes)

**After the death of the prisoners, Dillon gives another sermon. When he is finished with the sermon, the camera pans up the wall to Ripley and 85 who were listening and watching from above.**

Dillon (with hands up as if talking directly to God):

Even for those who have fallen,
this is a time of rejoice.
We salute their courage.
They will live forever.
Those who are dead are not dead,
they have moved up.
They have moved to a higher place...

(It then goes to the next scene with Ripley and 85 from above.)

a3_cut_14.jpg (4512 bytes)

85: Crazy bastards. Andrews used to call them Dillon's God Squad. Keeps them out of mischief.
Ripley: You're not the religious type are you?
85: Me? Shit no, I got a job.Look, I, I,  figure the rescue team gets here in 4, or 5 days, 6 tops. They open the door, the guy that never smiles comes, they kill it, right?
Ripley: What have you heard from them?
85: Nothing much. We had a message received. We actually had something that said you were top priority. They don't cut us in on much. We're  the ass end of the totem pole out here.
Ripley: What if they don't want to kill it. What if they want to take it back.
85: Take it back?
Ripley: Yeah.
85: Your kidding. They're not lunatics you know. They got to kill it. Right?
Ripley: Right.
  [1 minute 8 seconds]


a3_cut_16b.jpg (4101 bytes)                            a3_cut_16a.jpg (3883 bytes)

**Morse, who is shaving his head, is watching Golic, who is still strapped up in the straightjacket and pleading with Morse to let him go.**

Golic: Please...what did I do? Just tell me what did I do?
Morse: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna sit here and guard your ass like I'm supposed to. I don't need any fucking trouble with Dillon.
Golic: All I did was tell them about the dragon, what it did to Boggs and Rains. I wasn't lying, you saw it.
Morse: Fucking-A I saw it.
Golic: If that thing comes in here, I can't even run, I'm dead meat!
Morse: It's not gonna get in here, we got it trapped.
Golic: So what's the big deal? Come on, please let me loose...please? Don't I always give you cigarettes first? Aren't I your friend... Morse I love you.
Morse: Fuck it. Why not.
(Morse then unstraps his straightjacket.)

a3_cut_16c.jpg (3904 bytes)                            a3_cut_16d.jpg (3149 bytes)

Morse: But behave yourself. No fucking around or I'll get nothing but shit.
Golic (now free): So where they got it?
Morse: In the waste tank. We got that sucker nailed. I mean tight.
Golic: I've got to see it again.
(Golic silently takes the fire extinguisher off the wall.)
Morse: What the fuck you talking about?
(Golic then hits Morse over the head with the fire extinguisher.)
a3_cut_16e.jpg (3660 bytes)

Golic: No more cigarettes for you.
[1 minute 24 seconds]


a3_cut_15a.jpg (3304 bytes)                            a3_cut_15c.jpg (4133 bytes)     

**The next scene shows Ripley and 85 at the computer relaying a message to the company, who responds immedietely.**

(The scene starts off with 85 typing on the keyboard, then showing what he writes on the screen.)

a3_cut_15b.jpg (4772 bytes)
"FURY 161

85: Alright we got the first part. Now what do we say?
Ripley: Tell them we trapped it.
85: Right. What do we call it?
Ripley: A Xenomorph.
85: Right. (pauses) How do you spell it?
Ripley: Here.

                                     a3_cut_15e.jpg (3885 bytes)

        (Ripley then takes the keyboard and starts typing.)
a3_cut_15d.jpg (3960 bytes)

85: Hey wait a minute, we can't kill it, we don't have any weapons, right?
Ripley: Right.
(The computer then displays the usual "message received"...)
85: See? That's all they ever tell us. Treat us like shit.
(...when all of a sudden the computer starts typing really fast.)
a3_cut_15f.jpg (4609 bytes)

a3_cut_15g.jpg (3433 bytes)

a3_cut_15H.JPG (3343 bytes)
[1 minute 19 seconds]


a3_cut_17a.jpg (3007 bytes)                         a3_cut_17b.jpg (3082 bytes)   

**The next scene shows Golic walking over to the waste disposal unit, and then killing the guard and opening the door kindly to the 'alien', only to be killed for his act of kindness.**

Golic: Off and on me now?
Arthur (the guard): What the hell you talking about?
Golic: I have to talk to the beast!
Arthur: You can't go in there dickhead. The big motherfucker will eat you alive.
(Golic starts to back off, and Arthur looks at him strangely.)
a3_cut_17c.jpg (2988 bytes)

Golic: Sorry...
(Golic then slices Arthur's throat with what appears to be a shaving razor.)
Golic: ...sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...
(Golic then goes over to the wall and turns the handle to open the door to the waste tank.)
a3_cut_17d.jpg (3432 bytes)
(Golic then walks slowly into the room.)
a3_cut_17e.jpg (2931 bytes)
(We can see his head, which can also be seen on one of the 'Alien 3' trailers.)
Golic: Tell me what to do next.
(the 'alien' then makes a noise and kills him. The sound of his death is also on one of the 'Alien 3' trailers.)
[1 minute 31 seconds]

a3_cut 18a.jpg (3105 bytes)                         a3_cut_18b.jpg (4371 bytes)

**Following Golic's death we see Ripley talking to Dillon in his cell about how they HAVE to kill the 'alien', when Morse runs in...**

Ripley: They don't want to kill it. We got to figure out a way to do it before they come here.
Dillon: Why do we have to kill it? You just said the company is coming for it.
Ripley: That's right. They want to take it back. Some sort of weapon.
Dillon: Yeah. What's wrong with that?
Ripley: Well, they can't control it, they don't understand, it will kill them all.
(Dillon then spits some water out of the cup he had been drinking.)
Dillon: Like I said, what's wrong with that?
Ripley: Well, nothing's wrong with that, except alot of innocent people will die. I thought you were a religious man.
Dillon: You don't understand, do you sister? That place out there doesn't exist for us anymore. We've got our own little world here. It ain't much, but it's ours.
Ripley: So fuck everybody else.
Dillon: Yeah. FUCK Them.
(It then shows Morse running down the hall until he reaches Dillon's cell...)
a3_cut_18c.jpg (4338 bytes)

Morse: Hey Dillon.
Dillon: Yeah?
a3_cut_18d.jpg (3964 bytes)

Morse: Uhhh Dillon...we a teeny-weenie problem.
[49 seconds]
**Right after Morse's intrusion on Ripley and Dillon's conversation, they and 85 are at the waste tank and they see that the 'alien' had been release.**
                     (There is a little bit of theatrical dialogue blended in with this sequence.)

85: Fucking great! Miserable, crazy, son of a bitch let it loose! Got what he fucking deserved. Well now what are we gonna do!?
85: Andrews was right, we should have kept the shithead chained up.
(after a bit of theatrical dialogue...)
85 (to Morse): You're the dumb prick that let Golic out.
[46 seconds]


**There wasn't a scene in which Ripely goes down to 'the basement', but it shows her back up in Dillon's cell. After their struggle, Dillon says a few words.**

Dillon: Go kill yourself.
[2 seconds]


a3_cut_19.jpg (3539 bytes)

**Right after Morse's intrusion on Ripley and Dillon's conversation, they and 85 are at the waste tank and they see that the 'alien' had been release.**

Dillon: This is the choice. (cuts to theatrical release for a brief moment.) You die sitting here on your ass, or you die out there. At least we take a shot. We owe it one! (cut-scene now.) Its fucked us up. Maybe we can get even for the others. Now how do you want it?
(cuts to theatrical release for a brief moment.)
Morse: What the fuck are you talking about?
Dillon: I'm talking about killing that big mother-fucker!
(cut-scene now.)
85: The rescue team is on its way. We could just sit this out!
Ripley: The rescue team for whom.
85: For us.
Ripley: They just want the beast. You know that.
85: Who gives a damn what they want! They're not gonna pick us off one by one, are they?!
Ripley: I wouldn't be so sure.
85: Come on. They're gonna take us home.
Dillon: They're not gonna take us home.
(cuts to theatrical release for a while.)
(after Ripley explains the past events in which everybody was expendable, she adds the following line in a little bit of a different manner than the theatrical release.)
Ripley: You think they're gonna allow you to interfere with their weapons research?
(Dillon starts his motivation line a little bit differently than the theatrical release.)
Dillon: Your all gonna die, this is as good a place as any to take your first steps to heaven"
[around 1 minute, 22 seconds altogether]


a3_cut_20.jpg (2846 bytes)

**After the chase starts and Kevin is safe from the beast, he yells...**

Kevin: This thing is really pissed off.
[4 seconds]


a3_cut_21.jpg (2629 bytes)

**Everybody suddenly gets out of order...**

Dillon: Troy! Troy! Help him! Help him!
Dillon: What the hell is going on, get back to the doors everybody!
(it then shows some of inmates running through the piston area as if they are lost...)
Morse: How did I get here?!
Ripley: Dillon! What the hell are they doing? What about the plan!?
Dillon: Look you're immune. They're not.
Ripley: So what are we doing?
Dillon: Improvising!
[20 seconds]


**Dillon finds Troy dead.**
(I will scan a full color picture of this later.)
[6 seconds]


a3_cut_22.jpg (3257 bytes)

**Jude falls and cuts himself with the scissors. We then hear him scream loudly as if the 'alien' killed him, but we later see him running down a corridor yelling like for Dillon to help him. Interestingly enough when he first starts yelling for Dillon to help him, he yells out in a foreign language, then pleads for Dillon's help in English just like what the theatrical release showed.**

Jude: Ahh.
Morse: Get up!
Jude: Fuck me, sick. AAaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

                                                        [20 seconds]


**Dillon is running through the hallway yelling out names...**

Dillon: Morse! Jude! Gregor! Anybody hear me?
  [5 seconds]


a3_cut_23.jpg (3117 bytes)

 **Ripley finds Eric dead and another prisoner hanging from the ceiling still with a torch in his hand, which Ripley takes and leaves.**
Ripley: Eric...(she then makes all these moans.)
  [12 seconds]


a3_cut_24.jpg (3521 bytes) 

 **When 'The Company' arrives there is more dialogue between the scientist and 85, and there is a peak at Bishop II as well...**
(The extra dialogue starts right after 85 says, "She's in the lead works with the beast. Wouldn't wait.)

85: I tried to tell her.
Company Scientist: Have you seen the beast?
85: Yes sir! Horrible! Unbelievable! She's got one insider her!
Bishop II (walks up towards 85): We know that.
(85 looks at the cage the soldiers drop...)
85: Your gonna need a bigger cage than that!
  [22 seconds]


 **When Ripley comes in right after Gregor gets killed and helps Morse escape, she cries at the 'alien' to kill her. Then Dillon walks in...**
Ripley: AAaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
Ripley: Kill me! Kiilll Me!! Come on! (she starts to cry.)
Dillon: Ripley!
Ripley: Come on.
Dillon: Ripley!
Ripley: Come on, come and get me.
(Dillon then sees her and says...)
Dillon: Ripley! What the fuck are you doing!?
                                                               [24 seconds]


**In Dillon's death sequence there are combined shots with the 'alien' right before it kills Dillon. Dillon says his line a little bit differently...**

Dillon: Well, FUCK YOU!
    [6 seconds]


**While the 'alien' is eating Dillon, we can really hear much more dialogue with him yelling at Ripley and Morse to pour the lead...**

Dillon: Aahh!! Aahhhhhhh!! Uhh!! uhaaaAHH!! Eeeehhhh!! Awaaa!! POUR THE LEAD!!
Ripley (waving to Morse): Morse! Pour! 
Dillon: RIPLEY! POUR THE GODDAM!! Aaaahhhh!!!!
Morse: Ripley!
Ripley: Pour the lead!...Pour the lead!
Dillon (choking to death on his own blood): AAAAAAAaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! MORSE POUR THE SHIT!! EeeehhhhAAAAAaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    [32 seconds]


a3_cut_25.jpg (3219 bytes)

**When the 'alien' jumps out of the water we can see it actually chasing Ripley up the wall.**
(::No Dialogue::)
[6 seconds]


a3_cut_26.jpg (3566 bytes)

**When Ripley reaches the sprinklers there is some additional dialogue in which she is addressing to the 'alien'.**
(This scenes is on one of 'Alien 3' trailers.)
Ripley: For the last time!
[1 second]


a3_cut_27.jpg (3929 bytes)                         a3_cut_28.jpg (3940 bytes)

**When Ripley hits the sprinklers there is a little bit of additional footage showing the 'alien' trying a little bit more desperately to get the water off. There is also one of those finished special effects shots of the 'aliens' head. (right)**
(::No Dialogue::)
[4 seconds longer]


   a3_cut_29.jpg (3427 bytes)

  **After Bishop II first reveals his face, he bends towards her to say hello a little more nicely and differently than in the theatrical version**
Bishop II: We know what you've been through, you've shown great courage.
[2 seconds]


a3_cut 30.jpg (3691 bytes)

**Bishop II tries to calmly convince Ripley about the easy procedure in which they could take the 'alien' out of her. The Company Scientist we first saw enter and talk to 85, adds a few lines as well.**

Bishop II: Let us deal with the malignancy. We've got a surgical bay set up on the rescue ship. Come with me.
Company Scientist: It is very quick, painless. A couple of incisions, you'll be out for 2 hours.
Bishop II: And then it is over.
[19 seconds]

**Bishop II continuously tries to convince Ripley to trust him and let him help her.**

Bishop II: Please, trust me.
Bishop II: Let me help you, Mmmm?
(There is a very long 30 second pause showing alot of the characters faces until Ripley says...)
Ripley (very lightly): No.
[52 seconds]


**After Morse gets shot there is a little bit of additional dialogue between him and Ripley...**
Morse: Christ! Aahh!
Ripley: Morse. Will you help me?
Morse: What do you want me to do?...Tell me.
Ripley: You'll know.
[14 seconds]

a3_cut_32.jpg (3938 bytes)

**Bishop II looks at blood on his hands, his 'human' hands then yells at Ripley...**
Bishop II: I am not a droid!
[8 seconds]


a3_cut_33.jpg (3864 bytes)

**Bishop II ask Ripley twice very a few second intervals...**

Bishop II: What are you doing?...(softer) What are you doing?
[10 seconds]


a3_cut_34.jpg (4707 bytes)

**Right after Ripley start falling backwards into the furnace there is an additional shot of the 'Company' scientists.**
(::No Dialogue::)
[2 or 3 seconds]


a3_cut_35.jpg (3000 bytes)

**Right after Ripley falls into the furnace, Morse crawls over to look down below.**
(::No Dialogue::)
[5 seconds]


a3_cut_36.jpg (4873 bytes)                         a3_cut_37.jpg (2803 bytes)  

**The ending is written on a different screen with the "END OF TRANSMISSION" added, which was not in the theatrical release..**
(::No Dialogue::)
[15 seconds]


a3_cut_38.jpg (3437 bytes)

**Right before it shows the EEV, there is one of those dangling table bird things like in the original 'Alien' on a table tipping over into a cup.**

(::No Dialogue::)
[3 seconds]


I hope you enjoyed this section. If anything seems wrong or you have any questions comments or suggestions, please e-mail me. Please do not take any of these pictures, it was hard enough dealing with ALL the scenes and the dialogue. I have better color photos of some of these scenes which I will scan and post up when I have some more time. Thanks-