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Behind the Scenes


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The door to the ALIEN III studio


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Set Designer


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      Coordinators working on the actual                The 'ALIEN' prop "chowing down"
      'ALIEN' prop used for those                           on a helpless victim.
      fast-paced shots. This prop was
      motioned in frame-by-frame shots
      against a blue screen and later
      added in to the final shot.

                   a3 behind05slow motion camera.jpg (11151 bytes)             a3_behind_05a.jpg (10464 bytes)    

                   In 'ALIEN III' the crew                      A technician operating the
        developed the "slow-motion"              "slow-motion" camera.
                  camera used for some
                  never-before-seen shots.

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                                                   This picture speaks for itself.
                                         Lets hear what 'Ripley' had
                                                   to say about it.
                                      (sound clip will be added shortly)


                                                     a3_behind_12.jpg (16072 bytes) 

                                                    Coordinators guiding the 'alien'
                                          through his performance for the
                                                    next scene.

                                                      a3_behind_13.jpg (11418 bytes)      

                                                    Just a nice picture of the crew
                                          filming one of the last scenes in
                                                    the movie.

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                                            Director David Fincher talking to
                                  Sigourney Weaver and Charles S. Dutton.

Remember I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-