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Plot Summary


            "Sigourney Weaver
              returns in the stunning
    special edition release
              of 'ALIENS' !"


            "ALIENS" is the second chapter of the 'ALIEN' saga. It is by far the most
           likeable movie in the series because of its action packed elements, great story-line,             and  cast. "ALIENS" opens with the 'Narcissus' escape shuttle drifting towards a space station orbiting Earth. A salvage team discovers Ripley in her cryo-unit and sends her back to Earth for recovery. Once there, Ripley is befriended by Burke-the 'Company Man'. Burke tells Ripley that she had been drifting in the escape shuttle for 57 years, and everyone and everything that she had ever loved is gone. Ripley then goes to a court hearing over the matter of her previous experience. Nobody believes what happened to her until Burke and a Lieutenant from the Colonial Marine Core show up to her door and explain to her that all contact with the colonists on the planet where her nightmare began, is lost. Troubled by her nightmares of the past, she decides to take an offered job as a consultant on the  excursion to the 'alien' planet to discover what happened to the colonists. She sets out with a select group of marines down to the 'alien' planet to find that colonists are no where to be seen, and that the colony has been completely wrecked. Only when the marines encounter the 'aliens' for the first time to they cease their skeptic thoughts. After a first attack on the marines, their number is cut in half, and the dropship-their hope to flee the desolate 'alien' planet is lost. The marines then seal themselves up in the building barricading all entrances. The marines decide that the only way they will make it out of there alive is if they auto-pilot the other dropship from the 'Sulaco'. Later on the 'aliens' make a surprise attack on the marines where they least expect it-from above. More marines die, and Newt-the little girl that Ripley seems to have a mother-daughter type relationship with is lost. Ripley and the remaining marine survivor, Hicks then manage to make it outside where Bishop is awaiting them with the dropship. Instead of leaving, Ripley gets armed up to the teeth and searches for Newt. She finds her alright-right in the middle of the 'alien' queen's chamber! Ripley manages I don't really want to spoil it any more even though I already did in the pictures section. For a more visual representation of the story line please go visit the pictures section. -Thanks.

Remember I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-