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The 'Narcissus' is still floating in space...


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The 'Narcissus' floats towards 'Gateway Station'.


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'Gateway Station'.


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Ripley is reunited with her cat, 'Jonsey' and meets Burke.


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Ripley still has horrible dreams of the deadly 'alien'.


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Shortly after recovering, Ripley is in court.


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                                             Click here to see the during the inquest,
                                                    which explains the courts verdict.


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Burke and Lt. Gorman are at Ripley's apartment prepared to tell her about how they have lost all contact with the colony on LV-426.


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The nightmares are really starting to bother Ripley tremendously.



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Ripley decides to take Burke's offer, and go out on the ill-fated mission to LV-426.


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The 'Sulaco', the marines ship.


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The cryo-sleep chamber of the 'Sulaco'.


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The marines are in the eating area, and Bishop does his knife trick on Hudson.


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Lt. Gorman briefs the marines on their excursion.


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Ripley lends a helping hand.


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The marines saddle up.


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The dropship heading towards the colony.


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The marines investigate the complex, while Ripley, Gorman, Burke, and Bishop wait for word from the marines that area is secure.


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The 'Company' schemed.


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The marines find Newt hiding in the air ducts.


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The marines are for Personal Data Transmitters, which Hudson finds. (above)


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The marines are searching for the colonists and they find one that unfortunately didn't make it. (above right)


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Ripley takes control of the APC from the incompetent Lt. Gorman to rescue the marines.


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An 'alien' is able to get into the dropship, ruining the marines plans for escape.


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The hopes for escape are shattered.


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The marines discuss what they were able to salvage from the APC wreckage.


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The marines discuss the colonies blue prints.


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Ripley brings Newt to the med-lab to take a nap.


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Ripley confronts Burke about sending the colonists top the 'alien' ship.


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More bad news. The marines have four hours to escape the nuclear destruction of LV-426.


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Hicks teaches Ripley on how to use an M41-A Pulse Rifle.


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Bishop re-aligns the satellite dish.


      a2_42.jpg (10941 bytes)     

   Burke's little plan is in motion.


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Luckily the marines were able to come to Ripley and Newt's rescue.


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The marines decide what to do with Burke.


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The 'aliens' are very close...


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"Hell can also come from above."-Arin Barrett


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Burke finally gets what he deserves....


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Unfortunately Vasquez and Gorman don't make it...


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An 'alien' gets a hold of Newt...


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Ripley and a wounded Hicks make it to the dropship...


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Ripley is going out to search for Newt.


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Ripley is now in Sub-Level 3 searching for Newt.


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I think Ripley walked into the wrong room...


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Face to face with the 'alien queen'.


a2_57.jpg (9615 bytes)

They shouldn't have messed with Ripley.


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So much for LV-426. The universe is rid of 'aliens' for now...


a2_59.jpg (4194 bytes)

Not a good sign...


a2_60.jpg (11265 bytes)

The 'Queen' is back and she is pissed...


a2_61.jpg (8623 bytes)

"Get away from her you bitch!"-Ripley


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The 'Queen' is no more.


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The survivors are at peace for now...


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