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This section is pretty big, so I have made links to jump to any section you want.

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Official Movie Book/Magazines

a2_moviebook.jpg (26462 bytes)  aliensM.jpg (50340 bytes)  a2_japanese-book.gif (40160 bytes)

           Official Movie Book          Official Movie Magazine       Official Movie Magazine
                                                                                                           ( Japan )

a2_japan-makingofmag.jpg (15661 bytes)                    CinefexAliensFront.jpg (24180 bytes)

               Making of 'Aliens' (Japan).                   This special issue of 'Cinefex' features
                                                                               an in depth look at 'ALIEN' with many                                                                                  pictures. Click here to go to the Behind
                                                                              the Scenes section for some pictures.


  a2_starlogscrapbook.jpg (36686 bytes)  a2_starlog109.jpg (32378 bytes)  a2_starlog115.jpg (32177 bytes)   a2_starlog26.jpg (30794 bytes)

     Starlog Scrapbook           Starlog # 109                Starlog # 115                Starlog # 26


a2_ukmag.jpg (13469 bytes)                  a2_7-28-86_time.jpg (49696 bytes)

               This is an issue of the exclusive                     TIME Magazine 7-28-86
               'alien' series magazine from the
               UK. I will post more cover
               pictures when I have time
               to scan them.                       



aliensbook.gif (9581 bytes)                           a2_japan-novel.jpg (15641 bytes)

                                   Original novel by                          'Aliens' novel
                                   Alan Dean Foster                               (Japan)                                  



a2_cd.jpg (14347 bytes)                a2_cd-full.jpg (91809 bytes)

      Original Soundtrack                                    This is the new full release soundtrack.
composed by James Horner.


Video games/PC games

Aliensvs.PredatorGameBox.jpg (20691 bytes)                           alienspcgame.jpg (77249 bytes)

           ALIENS vs. Predator (PC only)                         ALIENS comic game (PC only)
(this game kicks ass, if you don't                    
           have it, make sure you get it!)

          aliensvspredatortrailerpicforgame.jpg (4840 bytes)\


(Most of these toys are really cheap, and kind of crappy. I think Kenner could have done a much better job on the following figures. Let me know what you think.)

   atoy4.jpg (16883 bytes)  atoy3.jpg (11999 bytes)  atoy6.jpg (16301 bytes)  a2_hudsontoy3.jpg (28834 bytes) 

              Ripley                            Hicks                           Bishop                 Hudson (UK only)


   atoy1.jpg (12334 bytes)  atoy2.jpg (14923 bytes)  a2_atax.jpg (22500 bytes)  a2_omalleytoy.jpg (29943 bytes) 

              Drake                           Apone                            Atax                           O'Malley
                                                                                                                    (UK only)



                                                            Picture Currently


Vasquez (UK only)



a2_queenfig.jpg (11247 bytes)                 a2_kingfig.jpg (8189 bytes)

                                       Queen Alien                                King Alien


  a2_bull.jpg (20481 bytes)        a2_gorilla.jpg (10875 bytes)         a2_scorpion.jpg (8539 bytes) 

                        Bull Alien                         Gorilla Alien                     Scorpion Alien


a2_mantis.jpg (20437 bytes)  a2_rhino.jpg (19902 bytes)  a2_snake.jpg (19556 bytes)  a2_boar.jpg (20481 bytes)

         Mantis Alien                Rhino Alien                   Snake Alien             Wild Boar Alien



atoy7.jpg (15752 bytes)   atoy8.jpg (17659 bytes)  atoy9.jpg (15397 bytes)  atoy10.jpg (22915 bytes) 

      Power Loader                Stinger XT-37                 Hovertread                  Evac Fighter



a2_queenhive.jpg (30006 bytes)


10th Anniversary Aliens vs. Marine sets
(I know these pictures look crappy, I will try to post some better pictures in the future.)

a2_newfig01.jpg (10995 bytes) a2_newfig02.jpg (9932 bytes) a2_newfig03.jpg (8295 bytes)  a2_newfig05.jpg (9285 bytes)

       O'Malley                 Drake                   Vasquez                  Hudson                    Hicks
   vs.                         vs.                           vs.                           vs.                          vs.
Queen Face Hugger     Arachnid Alien      Cougar Alien     Scorpion Alien        King Alien


Newly released Hive Wars figures.

alienshivewarsacidalien.jpg (82322 bytes)                   alienshivewaswarrioralien.jpg (87411 bytes)   

                                      Acid Alien                             Hive Warrior Alien



 a2_originalkitmadebyhalycon.gif (90423 bytes)                                   a2_warriorkit.jpg (69685 bytes)

This is the 'alien' kit from Halycon.


  a2_apcmodelkit.jpg (12471 bytes)                    a2_apckit.jpg (24081 bytes)

This is the 'APC' kit from Halycon.


             a2_dropshipmodel.jpg (9004 bytes)                  a2_dropshipmodel02.jpg (32831 bytes)

This is the 'drop ship' kit from Halycon.


a2_powerloadermodelkit.gif (15359 bytes)                                           a2_amtalienkit.gif (70701 bytes)

                   This is the 'powerloader'                                      This is the 'alien'
                        kit from Halycon.                                                kit from AMT.

  a2_halyconqueen.jpg (18635 bytes)

'Alien Queen' kit from Halycon.

Pewter Figure Sets

a2_pewteraponebishopburke.gif (57462 bytes) a2_pewtervasquezdietrichspunk.gif (59259 bytes)

      Apone                Bishop               Burke             Vasquez           Spunkmier          Dietrich


Die Cast Metal Sets

    aliens_diecastmetalset.jpg (58034 bytes)  a2_diecastset.jpg (18607 bytes)

          Action Masters Die Cast                 12 piece assorted 'aliens' die cast metal set.
                  four piece set.


 a2_comics01.jpg (70813 bytes)     a2_comics02.jpg (80267 bytes)    a2_comics03.jpg (52678 bytes)

These are various pictures of different 'aliens' comics.


a2_darkhorselimitedcomic.jpg (25009 bytes)

Limited Edition Platinum release of a Dark Horse Comic Book.


      a2_watch.jpg (15615 bytes)                       a2_resineggs.jpg (12305 bytes)

   'Queen' Watch                                   'Eggs' resin set

a2_berniewrightsonartworkcollage.jpg (25017 bytes)

Bernie Wrightson Artwork Collage

   a2_visor.jpg (14132 bytes)

This is a visor that was given out at the primier showing of 'ALIENS'.

a2_kaiyodoalienqueenmodelkit.gif (63029 bytes)

Kaiyodo 'alien queen' model kit.

I hoped you enjoyed the assortment of memorabilia on this page. My friends and I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures from our collections, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-