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                 Many scenes were cut from the final release of 'ALIENS' due to FOX's restrictions on running time. James Cameron didn't mind the scenes being cut all that much because he was grateful to FOX for keeping and supporting his film even though it exceeded the two hour limit. The scenes that were cut involved several subplots that added more depth and emotion to the film.

                Possession of these scenes was very hard to come by a few years back. I myself know because of the hundreds of phone calls I made. Back in the summer of 1993, FOX released 10,000 copies of a special limited edition run of the 'Facehugger' box set. Unfortunately it was only sold overseas in the UK. (Please see Misc. section for more details.) Within the box set was the only available VHS copy of 'ALIEN Special Edition', which was in PAL format. James Cameron, being a fan of Laserdiscs as he was decided to make another run of 'ALIENS Special Edition' on Laserdisc. This was a little easier to find in the U.S., although it did take me quite a bit of searching at first. Now I know what you're thinking ("shit I won't be able to get a copy of this now!!) No, not the case. Thanks to FOX, on June 1, 1999 they released the special edition of 'ALIENS' in their 20th Anniversary run.


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**Right before the inquest Ripley is sitting on a park bench when Burke walks in...**

Burke: Hi, sorry I'm late, I've been running behind all morning.
Ripley: Is there any word about my daughter?
Burke: I really think we should worry about the hearing now, because we don't have a lot of time, ok? I've read your deposition, and it's great. If you just stick to that, I think we'll be fine. The thing to remember is, there are going to be alot of heavyweights in there. You've got the feds, interstellar commerce commission, colonial administration, insurance company guys...
(Ripley cuts Burke off..)
Ripley: Do you have any news about my daughter?
Burke: Well, we did come up with some information. Why don't we sit down? I was hoping to wait until after the inquest...
(Burke then takes out a cheap print out of his briefcase...)
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Burke: Amanda Ripley-McClaren. Married name, I guess. Age 66, and that was at the time of her death, which was two years ago. I'm real sorry.
(In actuality this is a real life picture of Sigourney Weaver's mother)
Ripley: Amy.
Burke: She was cremated and interred at Westlake Repository, Little Chute, Wisconsin. No children we checked.
Ripley: I promised her I'd be home for her birthday.

(starting to cry...) Her eleventh birthday.
[1 minute, 58 seconds]


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**At the end of the hearing there is some added dialogue in which VanLeuwen voices the councils final decision**

VanLeuwen: It is the finding of this court of inquiry that warrant officer E. Ripley, NOC14472, has acted with questionable judgement...and is unfit to hold an ICC license as a commercial flight officer. Said license is hereby suspended indefinitely. Now, no criminal charges will be filed against you at this time, and you are released on your own recognizance for a 6-month period of psychometric probation; to include monthly review by an ICC psychiatric technician. These proceedings are closed.
[40 seconds]

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**The next scene is the largest cut-scenes in the whole movie. It involves the colony on LV-426 before the 'aliens' take it over. The colony is live with people, and we are introduced to the Jordan family (Newt's family). Newt's whole family is in an ATV homing in on a beacon. The parents then discover the 'alien' ship. Newt's parents then decide to go into to it to have a look see. Newt's mother ends up dragging her husband out, who has a facehugger attached to his face.**
(dialogue for this scene will be added shortly.)
[6 minutes]

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**Burke explains why he is so interested in the colony...**

Ripley: Why are you going?
Burke: The Corporation co-financed that colony along with the colonial administration. We're getting into a lot of terraformaing now, and "Building Better Worlds."
Ripley: Yeah, yeah, I saw that commercial.
[18 seconds]

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**Before the marines wake up, there is a long shot of the interior of the 'Sulaco' **
[1 minute, 40 seconds]

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**Hudson playfully boasts about the marines and their weaponry.**

Hudson: Check it out. I am the ultimate bad-ass! State of the badass art. You do not want to fuck with me. Check it out. Hey Ripley, don't worry. Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you. Check it out...Independently targeting particle-beam phalanx. Vwap! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phased plasma pulse rifles, RPGs. We got sonic electronic ballbreakers!...We got nukes,  We got knives, sharp sticks.
Apone: Knock it off Hudson.
[50 seconds]

a2_cut_07.jpg (7154 bytes)  a2_cut_07-a.jpg (10373 bytes)  a2_cut_07-b.jpg (10608 bytes)

**Hudson and Vasquez detect some motion ahead of them...**

Hudson: It's right in there...Ready?...Now!
Vasquez: Now!
Hudson: Aaahhhhhhhh
(It turns out to be nothing but a bunch of hamsters playing around in their cage)
Vasquez: Good one Hudson.
Hudson: Uh Sir, we have a negative situation on sir.
[48 seconds]

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**Ripley, Gorman, Burke, and Bishop enter the colony at the south lock...**

Hudson: Sir, we got the CPU online. No problem.
Gorman: Good. Stand by in operations. Okay, lets go.

(Ripley pauses before she enters the colony)
Hicks: Are you alright?
Ripley: Yes.
(The both of them then enter the colony and the doors shut behind them)
[58 seconds]


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**Hicks explains the good news of what they were able to recover**

Hicks: But the good news...We got 4 of these robot sentrys, with display and scanners intact.

They really kick ass...I think they'll   come in handy.
[12 seconds]

a2_cut_10.jpg (13954 bytes)


**During the discussion of the blue prints, Hicks and Ripley discuss where they should put the sentry guns.**

Ripley: Well there's a pressure door at this end, couldn't we put one of the remote senty units in the tunnel and then seal that door?
Hicks: Yeah that'll work, but we gotta figure out how to keep em outta the complex.
Ripley: That's right, so, we repair the barricades at these two intersections and well plate steel over these ducks here, here, and here. That way they can only come at us from these two quarters.
Hicks: Right, then we put the other sentry units here...and here..
(It then cuts back to the regular version. I noticed that no 'alien' sites had this in their cut-scene section, I wonder what that is.)
[32 seconds]


 a2_cut_11.jpg (10672 bytes)   a2_cut_11-a.jpg (9943 bytes)  a2_cut_11-b.jpg (7682 bytes)

**Hicks arms the sentry guns, and Hudson and Vasquez test them...**

Hudson: Do your thing baby. Come on, come on Vasquez, lets get the hell out of here. Hudson here, A and B sentrys are in place and keyed.
Hicks: Roger, standby arming now. Test it Hudson!
Hudson: Do it!
Vasquez: Fire in the hole!
(Vasquez hurls a large metal barrel in front of the guns. BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!)
Hudson: Ok lets get the hell out of here! We're sealing the tunnels... Come on baby...(note this is slightly different dialogue compared to the theatrical release when just Hudson seals the tunnel)
[40 seconds]

a2_cut_12.jpg (9665 bytes)

**Right before Ripley brings Newt into the infirmary to lie down, there is a shot of the sentry guns in the hallway scanning for motion.**
[12 seconds]

a2_cut_13.jpg (9875 bytes)

**Extra footage with Ripley and Newt in the infirmary**

Newt: Did one of those things grow inside her?
Ripley: I don't know Newt...
(again no other 'alien' pages noted this as a cut-scene)

Newt: Isn't that how babies come? I mean people babies? They grow inside you.
Ripley: No, that's very different.
Newt: Did you ever have a baby?
Ripley: Yes I did. I had a little girl.
Newt: Where is she?
Ripley: She's gone.
Newt: You mean dead.
[22 seconds]

a2_cut_14.jpg (9774 bytes)

**While discussing the 'aliens' life cycle in the med-lab, Bishop, Hudson, and Vasquez offer their point of view**

Hudson: Maybe it's like an anthive...
Vasquez: Bees man, bees have hives.
(I think when you watch this scene, Vasquez says that line a little too quick...)
Hudson: You know what I mean. There's like one female that runs the whole show.
Bishop: Yes. The Queen.
Hudson: Yeah the Mama. She's badass man, I mean big!
Vasquez: This things ain't ants estupido.
Hudson: I know that.
[28 seconds]

a2_cut_15.jpg (7166 bytes)                       a2_cut_15-a.jpg (9131 bytes) 

**The 'aliens' attempt to make their way through the service tunnel.**

(Right after Ripley confronts Burke and leaves the room, an alarm goes off and a red light blinks. She then runs down the corridor to see what's happening...)
Hudson: What is it? What's going on?!
Hicks: There coming.
Hudson: Where?
Hicks: In the Tunnel. Here we go... A & B gun tracking and firing. Multiple targets.
Hudson: Man, look at those ammo counters go...
Hicks: B guns down 50 percent.
Hudson: Man, its a shooting gallery down there!
Hicks: 60 rounds left on B. 40...20...B gun's dry, 20 on A. 10...5...That's it.
Hudson: Jesus. They're wall to wall in there.
(There is a  'thump thump' heard...)
Ripley: They're at the pressure door.
Hudson: Man, listen to that...
Bishop: Bishop here. I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Hudson: Well that's a switch!
[1 minute, 15 seconds]

a2_cut_16.jpg (11719 bytes)                       a2_cut_16-a.jpg (6776 bytes)

**The 'aliens' now try to break through the hallway barrier. They then retreat just when the sentry guns' ammo counters literally deplete...**

Hicks: This is unbelievable! 20 meters and closing. 15...
Ripley: How many?
Hicks: Can't tell. Lots...
Hicks: D gun's down 50% C gun's right behind it.
Hudson: It ain't stopping them. This shit ain't stopping them!
Hicks: 150 rounds on D.
Hudson: Come on baby! Come on! Come on!
Hicks: D gun's down to 20....10... Dammit!
(Hicks grabs his gun)
Ripley: Wait! They're retreating.
Ripley: The Guns stopped them.
Hicks: You're right...
Hicks: Next time they walk right up and knock.
Ripley: Yeah, but they don't know that. They're probably looking for other ways to get in. That'll take them awhile.
Hudson: Maybe we got them demoralized.
Vasquez: Shut up!
(It then cuts back to when Hicks orders Hudson and Vasquez to walk perimeter, but this version has some slightly altered dialogue...)
Hicks: I want you two walking perimeter...Move!
[1 minute, 26 seconds]

a2_cut_17.jpg (11420 bytes)                       a2_cut_17-a.jpg (7686 bytes)

**Right before Ripley leaves to go find Newt, she exchanges first names with Hicks.**

Ripley: See you Hicks.
Hicks: Dwayne. It's Dwayne.
Ripley: Ellen.
Hicks: Don't be gone long Ellen.
[20 seconds]


**According to another 'alien' fan site, at the premier showcase of 'ALIENS' there is a scene were Ripley puts on her Reebok shoes.**

** The most infamous cut-scene that didn't even make it to any special editions was when Ripley is searching for Newt, she finds Burke cocooned and complaining about stomach pains. She then hands him a grenade and continues her search for Newt. This scene was actually filmed filmed. This scene was cut due to its implausibility of Burke being awake so soon after an encounter with a facehugger, according to the first movies' 'alien' biology.

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If any of this information seems wrong or you have additional information, please e-mail me. Remember I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-