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Plot Summary


            "The First chapter in
   the powerful and
             terrifying 'ALIEN'
   Science Fiction Saga!"


         "ALIEN" is the first movie of one of the most popular sagas in science fiction  history. As the crew of the starship 'Nostromo' awakens from hypersleep they discover a strange beacon that may be an S.O.S. on an 'alien' planet. The crew is apparently under orders of their superiors, 'The Company' back on Earth so they decide to go down to the planet where the transmission originated from. Upon arrival,  the ship gets damaged, which takes the technicians around 17 hours to fix. The crew realizes that they are near the beacons origin, and half of the crew then heads out towards the ship. Once inside, a parasite attaches itself to the face of one of the crew members. When they get back to the mothership, the crew continuously tries to get the parasite off of the crew member, Kane. Eventually the parasite comes off by itself and dies. Kane seemed fine. Then during dinner, the alien that was growing inside of Kane bursts its way through his ribcage leaving a trail of blood as it vanishes of inside the ship. The crew then splits up into two teams, three people on each team, to go out to capture the 'alien' and flush it out of the airlock. One of the teams detects some motion ahead of them, which turns out to be Ripley's cat, Jonsey. One of the crew members, Brett ,  tries to get the cat so that it wont set off the motion detector again. As he is searching for the kitty, the inevitable happens, the 'alien' comes out of nowhere and kills him. After Brett's death, the crew then decides to go search the air shafts. The captain, Dallas, nominates himself to go and when he does this that is that last we see of him. (see cut-scenes section for more). Ripley is now the head of the ship, and she has access to the ships' computer, nicknamed 'mother'. When she goes to query the computer, she discovers some horrifying facts. (see pictures section for more)
When this happens, the science officer, Ash, tries to kill her. Luckily the chief engineer, Parker, runs in and beats Ash with an air canister saving Ripley's life and discovering that Ash is an android. (this explains his enthusiasm for the 'alien'). The remainder of the crew then decides to blow the ship up, and use the escape shuttle to flee to safety. When Parker, and Lambert go off to get the air supply needed for the shuttle, the 'alien'  kills them both. Ripley discovers their death, gets her cat, and sets the ship on self-destruct mode. The shuttle rushes off to safety, barely escaping the nuclear blast of the starship, 'Nostromo'. When Ripley is just about ready to go back to hypersleep, the 'alien' whom she thought was destroyed, reveals itself. Ripley, stunned, gets a space suit on and opens the airlock ridding her of the evil nemesis once and for all. For a more visual representation please click on pictures to visit the pictures section. -Thanks.

Remember I worked worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-