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This is the original 'ALIEN' poster.


a1_poster_magazine.jpg (9888 bytes) 

                                              This is an 'ALIEN' poster magazine.
       (I guess this could be considered a poster, but more like memorabilia.)

a1_posterstuff01japaneserelease.jpg (8674 bytes)

                                            This is a Japanese poster for the film.
                                 (I think this is a great colorful poster!)


 a1_rare-poster.jpg (14169 bytes) 

                                              This is a very rare 'ALIEN' poster.
If any of this information seems wrong or you have additional information, please e-mail me. Remember I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-