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If you would like more pictures for this section please e-mail me and I will put more pictures up.


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The crew is awakening from hypersleep.

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Mother, the ships computer.

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                Kane (John Hurt)                  Ash ( Ian Holm)             Dallas (Tom Skerritt)
     [Executive Officer]               [Science Officer]                          [Captain]

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        Brett (Harry Dean Stanton)      Parker (Yaphet Kotto)      Lambert (Veronica Cartwright)
[Engineering Technician]           [Chief Engineer]                      [Navigator]

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Commercial Towing vehicle, 'NOSTROMO'.


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The crew heads out to LV-426 to check out the 'alien' S.O.S.


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                              The crew discovers the 'derelict ship' off in the distance.


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                      The crew enters the ship.                    The crew discovers the 'pilot'.


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             Kane finds the 'alien' egg chamber.        He then discovers an egg opening...


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                                  ...and this is what happens to him.


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           As the crew tries to get the 'facehugger'          Eventually the 'facehugger'
off of Kane the acid spills through                     comes off by itself and dies.
           the decks of the ship.


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           The crew examines the now dead            Kane is awake and well as if nothing
'facehugger'.                                               had happened to him.


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The entire crew is all enjoying their last meal before hypersleep  when...


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...this nice little guy breaks through Kane's ribcage.


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Jonsey, the cat watches as Brett is dragged up the elevator shaft by the 'alien'.


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As Dallas is in the one of the ship's shafts the 'alien' finds him, and that is the last we see of the dear captain.


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Ripley discovers the horrific truth about the mission that 'The Company' sent the crew on.


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After Ripley discovers the mission's dark secret, Ash tries to kill her. Luckily Parker runs in with Lambert and smacks Ash over the head with an air canister revealing that Ash is indeed an android sent by 'The Company' to protect the 'alien' and ensure the missions' success.


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                Riplay prepares the 'Narcissus'.        After preparation of the escape shuttle
                                                                    Ripley then sets the ship on self-destruct


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Ripley watches the 'alien', who managed to escape the nuclear blast of the 'NOSTROMO' and ended up on the escape shuttle. She then manages to blast its ass out off the airlock and under the shuttles' boosters.

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"Ripley last survivor of the 'NOSTROMO' signing off--"

Remember I worked very hard capturing these pictures, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-