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            There were many scenes cut from the final release of 'ALIEN'. These scenes were cut due to the director, Ridley Scott. He felt that the scenes weren't needed and were eventually cut from the final version of the film. The scenes cut heightened the confrontations between the crew, and added a little more suspense. Let me know what you think.

            These cut-scenes are currently available on the Laserdisc version of the film, both PAL and NTSC versions, but unfortunately the Laserdisc version is very hard to come by. Instead of going out searching for the Laserdisc, go out and get the newly released 20th Anniversary Edition of 'ALIEN' on both DVD and VHS.

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**Kane walks into the sleeping pod chamber and wakes Lambert up.**
(The shot pans around the dining table as Kane is walking in.)

   Kane: Rise and shine Lambert.
Lambert: What time is it?
Kane: What do you care.
[around 45 seconds]

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**As Lambert is plotting a course to the planet, LV-426, she picks up the 'alien' signal** (Everyone is gathered around in the cockpit and discussing terms)

Dallas: Can we all hear that Lambert?...
(a strange noise is then heard from the keyboard)
Kane: Good god!
Ripley: Doesn't sound like any radio signal I've heard.
Lambert: Maybe it's a voice?
Dallas: Well, we'll soon know. Can you home in on it?
Lambert: What was the position?
Dallas: 6-5-5-0 dash 9-9.
Lambert: Alright, well I found the quandrant. Ascension 6 minutes, 20 seconds. Declination 39 degrees 2 seconds.
Dallas: Ok, Put that on the screen for me.
Lambert: Alright, well, that's it. It's a planetoid. 1200 kilometers.
Kane: It's tiny.
Dallas: Any rotation?
Lambert: About 2 hours.
Dallas: What about gravity?
Lambert: point .86.
Ash: We can walk on it.
[1 minute, 40 seconds]


a1_cut_02.jpg (7929 bytes)  a1_cut_02a_rarepic.jpg (9553 bytes)

**As the crew watches Ash and Dallas looking over Kane, Ripley walks in and Lambert confronts her about why she was hesitant in   allowing them entry through the airlock.**

Brett: Jesus Christ.
Parker: Hey, how's he breathing? How come you guys don't freeze him?! How come they don't freeze...what is that, anyway? What the hell's going on here?
Ripley (enters the area): Alright, what the fuck is going ON!
Lambert (to Ripley): You bitch! (she slaps Ripley a few times)
(Brett and Parker get in-between them and break it up)
Lambert (still struggling): ..gonna leave us out there!  Let go of me!
Dallas: Ripley when I give an order I expect to be obeyed!
Ripley: Even if it's against the law?
Dallas: You're goddamned right.
Parker: Well maybe she should have...who the hell knows what that thing is. How come you guys brought it up here in the first place?!
Brett: Right!
Ripley: Call it settled!
Dallas: How we gonna get that off of him. How we gonna get that OFF!?
Ripley: What happened to him. What happened TO HIM?
Lambert: It was in the derelict. Look, we were inside and there was nothing around, and he volunteered to go down below. He found these...egg things. We lost communication and the next thing we bring him up and he's got this thing on his face!
[1 minute, 40 seconds]

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**The crew discusses what happened to Kane**

Lambert: Did any of the acid get on him?
Ash: No.
Lambert: It stopped dripping.
Ash: Yes, it..(the rest will be depicted later)
Lambert: Well, there has to be umm..some way to get this off his face.
Ash: Hm? Yes, well I don't think we ought to try that again it didn't work out to well last time.
Ash: Well I've better get some intervenes to feed him though. So far we don't know how much is absorbed in his system. (Faces Lambert) You alright?
Lambert (nods): Yep.
Parker: So what's going on here anyway? I mean... he gonna be alright?
Brett: Is any of this shit down ?? with him. Is he gonna live? huh?
Ripley: What's that...that stain on his lungs?
Ash: I don't know Ripley. Whatever It is its blocking the scanner.
Brett: So what do we do now?
Parker: Yeah, what's going on?
Dallas: We get back to work, and get out of here.
[2 minutes, 16 seconds]

a1_cut_04.jpg (7114 bytes)

**Ripley radios down to Parker and Brett about the progress of repairing  the ship.**

Brett: Wait a minute, wait a minute, I think I got it. Give it a try now....
Parker (sarcastic): I'm sorry my friend you don't have anything.
Brett: Damn. I was sure that was it.
Parker: Well it's not man, try the next one! What engineering school did you go to?
Parker: Awww shit man. My johnson that's what's happening know that...shit.
Parker (sarcastic): Allota real hard work, hazard work Ripley.
Ripley: Yeah, I can hear it.
Parker: ooohhh this one time you know what I mean....boom! You oughta try sometime, sweetheart.
Ripley: Parker, I've got the toughest job on this ship. Yeah I gotta listen to all your numbers.
Parker: this one time...
Parker (To Ripley): Why don't you get off my back?
Ripley: I'll get off your back as soon as the 12 modules are fixed.
Parker: This broad's a bitch, man.
[1 minute, 16 seconds]

a1_cut_05.jpg (6419 bytes)


**The crew gathers around the dining table and discusses what to do next**

Dallas: See anything?
Brett: No.
Ripley: It must have gone below.
Brett: Look goddamit, All I..all I want to know is what...what is it. Mr. Ash now you're the science man, you have the fucking thing on here to study it, now you've studied it, what is it. I mean, how are we gonna deal with it?
Ash: I don't know Brett.
Dallas: He's using it as a host, as some kind incubator. Now whatever the hell it is we have to catch it and we gotta eject it from the ship, right?
Ash: Yes, but how precisely are you going to do that?
Dallas: We flush it out Ash, room by room quarter by quarter.
Ripley: That will take a while.
Dallas: Do you have an alternative?!
Ash: Our supplies are based on us spending a limited amount of time in the hypersleep...
Ripley: Well I don't think were going to the freezers with that thing running around loose.
Brett: No, look at what it did to Kanes mask for chrissakes, we'll be sitting ducks.
Parker (pissed): Look! While we're sitting around here shooting off our mouths that thing is running around the ship! I don't know about you but I'm scared. Let's find a way of killing it!
Lambert: You can't kill it its body acid will burn straight through the hull.
Parker: Then we put it on our pressure suits and blow all the air out of the ship that will kill it.
Lambert (sarcastic): That is a terrific idea.
Parker: Well whose idea was it in the first place to let that thing on board.. it wasn't my idea!
Dallas (and others): Come on! This isn't gonna solve...
Ash: Just a minute. Now I really do hate to point this out, but it might better off without oxygen, its lived that way long enough.
Ripley: We got another problem, how are we gonna find it
Brett: What?
Ripley: We have another problem, how do we find it... The ?? on B and C decks. All the screens are out down here.
Brett: Great.
Lambert: Ya what do we do when we find it?
Dallas: We'll trap it somehow.
Brett: Hey that's it, trap it. Get us a bit of a Strong net, and a..a cattle prod... I can get something together!
Lambert: Oh god, why are we listening to this Idiot!
Brett: Hey, has anyone else got a better idea?
Dallas: How long would it take you to do that?
Brett: hey..ahh what. Parker? what do you think, an hour? 20 minutes?
Parker: Well wait a minute let me think for chrissake! (Pause) 20 minutes to an hour.
Dallas: Alright, do it.
Dallas: 20 minutes to an hour. It's more like 2 to 3 with them.
Ash: Great.
[2 minutes, 57 seconds]

a1_cut_06.jpg (4594 bytes)  a1_cut_06a.jpg (5488 bytes)


**Bretts' death sequence is much longer**

Parker: Brett! Brett!
Ripley: Brett!
(Parker looks up, and his white shirt becomes smeared with Brett's dripping blood as shown above)
[49 seconds]

a1_cut_07.jpg (5564 bytes)



**Ripley is comforting Lambert and she asks her if she ever had 'fun' with Ash**

Ripley: I think it's the only way.
Lambert: I'm sorry you know, it just seems like your asking us to kill each other one by one.
Ripley: I promise you if it doesn't look like its gonna work, I'm gonna get us out of here. Will you hang in there, ok?
Ripley: I want to ask you a question.
Lambert: What?
Ripley: Have you ever slept with Ash?
Lambert (laughing): No. I never got the impression he was particularly interested? Why?
Ripley: I want you to figure out where we are now, ok? Plot our course.
Lambert: Okay.
[1 minute, 38 seconds]

a1_cut_08.jpg (5387 bytes)



**Ripley and Lambert are whispering with Parker on the intercom, in an attempt to trap the Alien in the Airlock. This sequence was only partially filmed.**

Parker (in intercom): Ripley! Ripley! Dammit! Where the hell are you? Ripley! Ripley!
Lambert: We're here.
Parker: Keep it down, keep it down.
Ripley: What is it Parker?
Parker: Its..It's come outside the main airlock door. Now open the doors slowly when I say. then pull [close] the other door. Okay... ??
Parker: Okay Now! NOW!
Ripley: Parker, Parker?
Lambert: Paarker!?
Ripley (To Lambert): I'm going down, stay here!

The rest of this scene that was unfilmed involved Parker observing the Alien and whispering back in the intercom, then an Alarm rings, startling the creature. The Alien runs out, crushing part of the creature, and acid spreads. Depressurization is coming...

a1_cut_09.jpg (5482 bytes)

Lambert: Ripley? Ripley? Ash? Ash?? Ripley? Ash? anybody? Ash? Get some oxygen and get down to the 'lock, quick!
[about 2 minutes]

       **There is more footage of the 'ALIEN' and Lambert's death**

(I need to find my other footage to capture a picture for this scene)
This is a strange shot that shows the 'alien' crawling over towards Lambert in a "crab-like" position then slowly movie its tail up her leg...
[42 seconds]


  a1_cut_10.jpg (4334 bytes)        a1_cut_10a.jpg (4558 bytes) 

**After Ripley finds Parker's and Lambert's bodies, there is various moaning sounds, which lead her to the 'alien' cocoon room**
(there were many implausabilities with this scene, that is why it was initially cut from the final release)
Dallas: (Moans very sickly.)
Ripley (in shock): Dallas...god...Dallas
Dallas: Killll me.
Ripley: What did it do? (She pauses, and looks up to Brett-egg)
a1_cut_10_cbrett.jpg (7074 bytes)     a1_cut_10_cbrettclose up.jpg (4144 bytes)...Brett...

Ripley: I'll get you out of here. I'll get you up to the shuttle...
Dallas: kill meeee..
a1_cut_10_bdallas.jpg (6333 bytes)

Ripley: What did I do?
Dallas: Ripleyy...
a1_cut_10d.jpg (3963 bytes)

(before leaving the room, Ripley torches everything much like the ending of 'ALIENS')
[3 minutes, 22 seconds]

Unused Shots


**This is an unused shot of Kane drawing his gun in the egg chamber of the Derelict ship.**


a1_unusedkaneeggchamberhedrawshisgun.jpg (4397 bytes)


**This is the unused shot of the crew getting ready to dispose of Kane's body into space*.*


 a1_unusedkanesburialshot.jpg (6060 bytes)


**This is an unused panoramic shot of the Nostromo, which is very similar to a cut-scene panoramic view of the Sulaco's interior.**


 a1_unusedpanoramicshotofship.jpg (8386 bytes)

If any of this information seems wrong or you have additional information, please e-mail me. Remember I worked very hard capturing all of these pictures myself, so before you think about taking them just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-