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Collectors Edition


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"Dear Viewer:
When I conceived of 'ALIEN' back in 1976, it was my purpose
to introduce a new demon into the public consciousness. I
am no longer certain that this was a worthy goal; no matter, it
is done. Perhaps it would be better now for that demon to die.
But...he (he?) is here...imprisoned on the shiny silver of this laserdisc...
for you to let out."         -Dan O'Bannon

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"For me 'ALIEN' was the beginning of a great adventure. Not
only did Ridley Scott give me my first film project and cast my creature
into the starring role, but he also inspired me to realize my vision exactly the
way I had imagined it. Many things can happen to an artist's designs on
the way to the movie screen. But with Ridley Scott's direction, my creature
arrived safely there. For this reason, my first film experience was also my most
satisfying one. May you, the viewer of this Collector's edition Laserdisc,
find it equally so."             -H.R. Giger

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"Dear Viewer:

Many of you may be seeing 'ALIEN' for the first time on your
television screen, and for that reason I am pleased you are
able to view the film in the new 'letterbox' format, which enables
you to see the entire picture as it appeared on the theatre screen.
This is important to me as it retains the full impact of the visuals.
I hope you enjoy the film."         -Ridley Scott

Remember I worked very hard capturing these pictures, so before you think about taking them and this material just send me an e-mail, and we can work something out. Thanks-